Diet and nutrition are essential elements of any successful health and fitness program. It can be responsible for anything up to 80% of your final goal. What you eat and the care you give your body internally reflects on the external you.Here at Beneficium we emphasize the nutritional aspects of the program. Training and nutrition go hand in hand. It is important to understand the impact that diet has on your performance and everyday wellbeing. Nutrition is not about vitamin tablets and getting the next new wonderful product available to make you look young. It is about gaining a yin yang harmony from within. We promote a healthy organic way of living. Learning to love the foods you hate is our challenge. We have recipe suggestions to make it fun and advise you how to cook your food.

During your initial fitness consultation, you will meet with our nutritional experts to analyze your calorie and nutrient intake and undergo a health assessment. Here we can discuss how the impact of your diet relates to different aspects of your life. Whether it be lack of sleep or energy, stress, hormonal imbalance, insulin production etc. improving these areas can play a huge part in achieving your goals.

You will be asked to complete a food diary for a week which will be analysed in order to create a personalized client report. We will advise you on your diet and compare with what you should be eating to achieve real results and why. From there, we will address your strengths and weaknesses and create a new day-to-day diet plan; this works well in forming good habits and making it more of a permanent lifestyle change as opposed to the all too familiar short term diet.

We understand that a high-pressure working or home life environment can sometimes be a challenge. We will make sure you always maintain control by developing specific diet plans for those more unusual occasions, whether it's a holiday, city break, dinner party or long trip.Once we've determined your individual diet and lifestyle objectives, we can offer further consultations on areas including:
  • Specific physical activity goals
  • Body fat reduction
  • Gaining muscle
  • Weight management counseling
  • Vitamin and sports supplementation
  • Managing diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and other conditions

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